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Name: Barry Profitt

Qualification: Non-Diver/Partner of Diver

I have been involved with the club since my partner started diving with Chillington divers.

I am a Non-diver but with very many years experience in management, sales and marketing in a range of technical disciplines.

Elected Chair of Chillington Divers in May 2022 with a brief to create a member recruitment campaign and to develop a strategic plan for club growth.

Greatest achievement? Don’t know, still lots to do, perhaps to take that great photo (being a keen photographer) also having the support of Chillington divers to build a better club.


Dive Officer

Name: John Fellows

Qualifications: Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor, Assistant Advanced Instructor, Assistant Instructor Supervisor, Dry Suit Instructor, Advanced Life Saver, First Aid for Divers, Oxygen Administrator

I started diving in 1983 with my brother as something to do together. I have always been a member of a dive club since then. I joined Chillington divers over 10 years ago where I have completed my instructor qualifications and was honoured to take the post of Dive Officer.

I have been able to offer my experience and knowledge of diving to the club. I have completed over 3000 dives and have dived in many places such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Canaries, Egypt, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and not forgetting the UK. I have also worked as an instructor in Portugal.

I have many lasting memories over the years and one of my favourite places to dive is the Red Sea. I enjoy a combination of wreck and reef dives. I also enjoy the social side and diving with club members.

I am very proud of the fact that some of my students have gone on to achieve great posts such as Royal Navy Clearance Diver, Marine Biologist and Marine Scientist. I look forward to be able to help new divers with their future achievements.


Training Officer

Name: Michael Powell

Qualifications: Advanced Diver, Advanced Nitrox Diver, Theory Instructor, 
Practical Instructor, 
Open Water Instructor, 
Assistant Advanced Instructor, 
Life Saver Award, BSAC Boat handler

I had my introduction to diving in 1985 after a meeting with an old friend in the pub and thinking of things to get up to. It’s a decision I have never regretted, it’s been what it supposed to be and that’s fun. Sometimes it’s been hard work but I have always enjoyed it, and love what being part of a club brings.
 The best part is taking someone from being a complete stranger to our hobby to taking them into open water and seeing the big Cheshire Cat smile on their faces when they get out.
 I have dived various places all over the UK from Scapa Flow to the Manacles and not forgetting Southern Ireland.

I have dived throughout Europe and the Red Sea but best of all was a trip to Truk (Chuck) Lagoon, with clear bath temperature waters and fabulous wrecks.
 The ultimate to that trip was a dive on the San Francisco Maru seeing the king pin of the ship at around 20 metres and then the deck at a depth of around 50m with small Japanese tanks on and other amazing artefacts.
 The holds were loaded with cordite and torpedos. It’s an image never to be forgotten.


Branch Secretary

Name: Alex Watts

Qualification: Sports Diver/Assistant Instructor/Snorkelling Instructor

I am Alex Watts, I am the club secretary and a snorkel instructor. I also dive, and have passed the Sport’s Diver qualification. I recently passed my instructor foundation course. I have always had an interest in diving, but only started to learn to dive in 2013. My favourite diving memory is diving with seals in the Farne Islands.

I’m so proud of instructing snorkelling members and divers in the club and love it when they snorkel in open water or when they build in confidence and go on to become scuba divers.


Branch Treasurer and Assistant Instructor

Name: Dave Hancock

Qualification: Dive Leader

I dived a little in the Royal Navy a few years ago but nothing as interesting and exciting as I do now. I joined Chillington Divers over 7 years ago as I had been training and racing in triathlons including Iron-man distance. I got a serious injury and always wanted to dive so joined my local club. I have dived numerous sites in the UK and the world. One of my favourite and most interesting dives was diving the HMS Scylla in Plymouth as I worked on this ship when it was a floating Royal Navy ship. Another favourite was a club holiday in Cyprus diving the wreck of the Zenobia and champagne rock.


Equipment Officer

Name: Position Vacant

Qualification: Club Member

Position vacant. Deputy Equipment Officer – Frank Johnson. Training Officer – Michael Powell overseeing and managing equipment alongside him temporarily.


Digital Media/Welfare Officer

Name: Dawn Johnson

Qualification: Advanced Diver/Snorkelling Instructor

I have dived since I was 17 years old, some 42 years now. Diving has always been a massive part of my life. I have always loved snorkelling as well so recently passed my snorkel instructor exam. I met my husband through the diving club and had 3 children, 2 who learned to dive and 1 who snorkels. 
I have enjoyed diving in British waters Oban, Mull, Plymouth, Lundy, and Anglesey.
 As well as abroad in Bali, the Red Sea, Iceland, Mexico, Jordan, Gozo, Cyprus and Lanzarote.
 My lasting dive memory is a desert safari sleeping on the beach (no hotels then) and diving a different location along the Egyptian coast each day.
 My biggest achievement in diving is to organise a Chillington divers club holiday to Cyprus in 2019 with 21 people. I have been a registered nurse for 32 years and I have a level 3 in safeguarding which is a great advantage to ensure I am competent in my role as welfare officer.


Membership Secretary

Name: Position Vacant

Qualification: Club Member

Position Vacant. Branch Secretary – Alex Watts taking on this role temporarily.


Social Secretary

Name: Celia Aston

Qualification: Non-Diver/Partner of Diver

I joined Chillington Divers 11 years ago. My husband had been a snorkeler & diver from a young age as his Mum & Dad were members of a diving club. We joined Chillington Divers when our son was 11 and he learned to snorkel and then started to dive when he was 12.

I am a non-diver but the club is so friendly and I have made lifelong friends.
 As a family we have been lucky to go to Lady Elliott Island on the Great Barrier Reef where we snorkelled as a family and Jacob and Martyn dived. The instructors were so impressed with Jacob… all down to the fantastic instructors at Chillington Divers.

I enjoy my role as social secretary. We have an annual awards evening which we provide food and entertainment to celebrate our club. We have had skittle evenings, beer & curry nights and we had a ladies weekend to London. I also arrange fundraising so that we can help to keep club costs down and we attend local events to promote our club.


Club Member Representatives

Names: Clive and Rose Martin

Qualification: Sports Divers

We have been members of Chillington Divers for 3 years now and are both qualified Sports Divers. So far we have dived in Cyprus, Scotland, Sea Houses and Anglesey. We have been actively involved in the club and are Pool Marshalls on the poolside at club nights. We are happy and easy to be approached with any questions or worries that members don’t always want to address to the commitee.


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